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After a long period of absence (my last icon post was in december! D:), I'm back. I'm sorry for not updating as much as I used to. Health issues and lacking creativity kept me away from my beloved Photoshop. I thank you for sticking with me, especially if you're watching or are a member of this community. <3

01 - 24 Band of Brothers : Why We Fight
25 - 40 Supernatural
41 - 54 Adam Lambert
55 - 66 Kris Allen


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#77 || Leave The Rest Unspoken || Art for kradamreversebb

Title: Leave The Rest Unspoken
Author: claire_kay
Artist: highdreams
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Kris Allen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 24k
Summary: It's been five years. Neither of them are to blame.

Artist note: This my second and last piece for the kradamreversebb. The wonderful claire_kay claimed it and I couldn't be happier about that. She wrote a beautiful fic that fits the art perfectly and I just...sigh. Just click on the link above and read it. <3

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#76 || El Paso Low || Art for kradamreversebb

Title: El Paso Low
Author: samanthahirr
Artist: highdreams
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Kris Allen
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence
Word Count: 9,800
Summary: Detective Kris Allen is working undercover in a smuggling ring on the U.S.-Mexican border when he discovers a prisoner in the compound. And he only has one night—and one gun—to get them both out alive.

Artist note: kradamreversebb is the first big bang challenge I ever signed up for. I wanted my art to be a little dangerous, so I gave Adam a gun and picked a bad ass Kradam picture to go with it. And hoped someone awesome would write an even more awesome story for it. That awesome author is samanthahirr and damn, I'm so lucky and happy that she picked my art out of all the other brilliant pieces. <3 The story suits the art so well and really, you should all read it. I felt like watching a movie when I read it the first time and gah, it's just really, really great. Click on the link to read it!

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Taking requests #5!

mellow_lights turns 1 this week (tomorrow actually :D)! \o/ *throws confetti.* It’s a parade!

So to celebrate this fact, I’ll do another request round.

You can request a maximum of 5 icons, 1 wallpaper & 1 header/banner.
HQ or MQ pictures. Please no low quality caps.
Please provide the size for the headers, wallpapers or FO banners.
Do you want any text on it?
Do you want it to match with your layout? Then please provide a link to your journal or the layout you’d like to use.
You can save a spot. =)
I can’t promise to use all of the pictures. Sometimes a picture doesn’t inspire me or it doesn’t really work with the graphic I want to make. If that happens, I’ll let you know.

This post closes on Sunday October 24.

Those who saved a spot can still request. =)