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After a long period of absence (my last icon post was in december! D:), I'm back. I'm sorry for not updating as much as I used to. Health issues and lacking creativity kept me away from my beloved Photoshop. I thank you for sticking with me, especially if you're watching or are a member of this community. <3

01 - 24 Band of Brothers : Why We Fight
25 - 40 Supernatural
41 - 54 Adam Lambert
55 - 66 Kris Allen


(24) Band of Brothers - Why We Fight

(16) Supernatural - 6x08, 6x09, 6x10, 6x11, 6x12, 6x13

(10) Adam Lambert

(12) Kris Allen

+ Credit is not a must. Editing or adding stuff would make me go WHAT?, but whatever. If you do decide to credit, please credit highdreams or mellow_lights
+ Comments are nice ♥
+ Resources
+ Enjoy!
Tags: graphics: icons, graphics: text icons, music: adam lambert, music: kris allen, tv: band of brothers, tv: supernatural
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I will be taking #15 pls, with credit
:D Enjoy!
Very lovely icons. Will be snagging some BOB icons. I'll be sure to credit. Thanks. :)
Thank you so much! :D
Snagged a couple - thanks! Will credit.
:D Thank you!
Beautiful stuff, as usual. Taking some Supernatural and Adam ones. Thanks much! :)
Aww, thank you, bb! Enjoy! :D
it's been a while to see new icon from AI... LOL.

snag #58 because Zorro is so DAMN CUTE!!!
♥ Zorro is adorable!

Thank you for commenting. <3
First, that fairies episode was ridiculous. Oh S6, how little you tried.
Secondly, Adam is pretty, a beard does not make him more manly looking. Just doesnt work, but I dont hate it.
Finally, Kris plus Zorro or Kris in b&w is all kinds of wonderful.
As always I love your icons. ♥
Lol, I kinda liked the fairies episode. And tbh, I'm not a fan of Adam's beard either. I'm glad he shaved it off. :P

Zorro is all kinds of adorable. <333

Thank you so much - I always love getting a comment of you. \o/
Awesome to see some new icons from you, hun.:D
\o/ Thank you so much, bb!
Thank you so much for making them! Taking 42, 59, 66 and will credit. :)
You're welcome! Hope you enjoy. :D
you made my Saturday morning a lot better)))) i'm taking some Kris Allen icons (because cute, duh xD). Thank you very much :)
What a lovely comment - thank you so much! ♥
great, am snagging a few. Will def credit. :)
Thank you! :D
I'm taking a few of the Bob icons and will credit you, thanks!
:D You're welcome! Thank you for your comment. <3
Thanks for making these! I took 20 and 61 and will credit.
:D Thank you!
Lovely icons. I take some SPN and will credit.
Thank you so much!
wow, I really like your colours. The icons are awesome <3
You've made me smile with your lovely comment. Thank you so much for your kind words - it's really appreciated. :D
Wonderful icons!
:D Thank you!
Oh man, just the other day I went through all your Band of Brothers icons and found myself hoping you'd make more. And what do you know! Here's some more. :D

Great icons - I'll credit you if I use any of them. :)
<3 Wow, that's such a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much! :D
omg. Adam's beard. Dnw.

The rest of the icons minus Adam's beard are lovely as usual.

Hi bb! Glad to you back and iconning again! You have been sorely missed.


May 7 2011, 14:53:49 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  May 7 2011, 14:54:27 UTC

The beard hate is making me laugh. You're the second person to mention it, lol. I do have to agree with you, though. I'm not a fan either, but know there are a few people who do like it, so yeah, I aim to please. ;)

Aww, thank you, Lavinia! <3 I'm glad to be back. :D
Your icons are beautiful. I saved an SPN one and will credit when I use it :)
:D Thank you so much!
those are lovely Kim! <3
(title of that bob ep reminds me of 'This Is Why We Fight' by The Decemberists - great song;)

Thank you, Ana! <333 So glad you like these!

Just looked the song up on YouTube - I really like it! Love the singer's voice. \o/
The Band of Brothers ones <3 LOVELY.
Thank you <3
\o/ Thank you so much! :D
*hugs* so glad to see you back. your icons are awesome as always. i am not liking the beard either, i saw a video clip with him wearing it and i actually thought it was a joke. he looks like he is wearing a costume. i dont think the beard itself is as much a problem as the fact that he tries to pass it off as "natural" when we all know that if adam lambert grew a beard it would not be black. :)

anyways, back to you -- i love ya and miss(ed) ya

be better!
happy mothers day weekend
Sandra xx
Thank you, Sandra! <333 I've missed you too! *smooches*

You summed up my feelings about the beard perfectly! I couldn't put my finger on why I didn't like the beard, but that's exactly it. It doesn't look natural - it's like a terribly photoshopped beard, lol.

Hope you have a lovely mothers day, bb!
OMG, 59 and 61 are sexy/adorable! Snagging those and a couple others, will credit. :)
\o/ Thank you so much!
Gorgeous, snagged some, will credit.
Enjoy! :D

Cute Kris icons!
Thank you, hon! :D
Gorgeous, as usual! Took a couple of Kris ones and will credit. Thank you for sharing these :333
:D Thank you so much!


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