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01 - 36 Band of Brothers : The Last Patrol, various & Holiday icons
37 - 49 Adam Lambert
50 - 63 Kris Allen


iconsCollapse )
Tags: graphics: icons, music: adam lambert, music: kris allen, tv: band of brothers
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Deleted comment

<3 Thank you so much! Happy Holidays to you too (even though Christmas is already over, I wish you a happy 2011! :D)
I've been missing youuu, Kim! :D

First of all, Merry Christmas to you and I hope you have the best day ever. Second, these are gorgeous as usual and I snagged a couple of Kris ones for future use. ♥
*hugs you*

Thank you, bb! Christmas is already over, but I wish you a very happy 2011. <3
hey bb! these are awesome! i got your card the other day. i feel really bad though that i didn't get you one. i didn't forget, i ran out of time. i still wanna send ya something though. is your bday soon? if not, just a "thinking of you" card then. lol. i hope your holidays are going well, ours are up and down. busy and crazy sometimes.

kris is so sexy in those shades!! omg. adam, shirtless cover - did you remove the background? or is there a pic? either way i LOVE it!
:D Thank you, Sandra!

Yay, I'm glad you got the card! Please don't feel bad about not sending a card - I really don't mind. A birthday card would be lovely though! My birthday is on February 7 so that is quite soonish. \o/ I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family. Mine was crazy busy but I did enjoy spending time with my brother and his family.

Here is the picture of the shirtless!Adam picture. I found it on adamlambertetc, if I remember correctly. It's gorgeous!
feb 7th eh! awesome! ok. thanks so much for the real picture. it is gorgeous. i finally was able to order a copy of the acoustic cd. did you order one?

i watched the first 2 episodes of BoB today. :)
Yay pretty! I stole a couple of Kris. ♥
Snagged a few BoB icons. Thank you. :D
gorgeous as always! snagging a few of the kris ones :3
These are fabulous! love the bright colors.


January 11 2011, 05:20:04 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  January 11 2011, 05:20:32 UTC

awesome icons. umm, did you do episodes 1-6 of BoB? i cant remember what episode it was but i would totally love icons of colin hanks when he was on the show :) i thought it was this episode but i cant remember.

PS - love that kris wears silly bands! LOL
Love your BoB ions, especially 3 and 9. Your colouring is stunning!
Really love your work. I've grabbed the Webster and Liebgott ones, will credit if used!
Beautiful BoB-icons. <3 Snatching 22 - will give credit!
picked some winters' icons to my rpblog, all of them are fantastic tho <3
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